Shimen to Kenting solo walk




Seriously, there ain’t much as beautiful as the full on paddies stretching out for kilometre after kilometre… (preferably as viewed from the AC-equipped side of the window of a vehicle with ample legroom).
One of my favourite things about Monkey Island.

Hey!! I saw that thing, like within the last year, but I be buggered if I can remember where it was.


I think I found the place they make them. I saw a Transformer here just like the one in tpe


Ha! The transformer… that was in Pintung county? can’t remember…


@mad_masala I’ve turned down about two dozen offers for lifts. I hope you’re happy.


I figured out where the rhino is from the street signs thanks.




Simultaneously observant and NOT


cha bu duo, la


How are you dealing with the heat?! I stepped out for some 7-11 goodies. 5 minutes. Happy to be back in the AC. Anyway good job on the walk and keep on truckin’.




Well, isn’t that how you spell triceratops?






Big hat. Long sleeves. Lots of water. Frequent rest. Mind over matter.
I could really use some clouds though




Fuck man, I don’t doubt it.
I was just downstairs enjoying a finely crafted domestic tobacco product, and she was well toasty.
Down where you are, friggin melting is a distinct possibility, watch it.

Hot down south isn’t like hot in TP, it can be way worse at comparable temperatures.
A few years ago, @Rocket spent a week scootering up and down the Yeast Coast between Hualien and Taitung.
Even in September, the sun was a bazillion times more intense than here in Big Stinky.
Fried me like a friggin 2 dollar minute steak, I’ll tell you what.


Big animal thing. Quick glance I thought it was one of these pieces of art that are all around the world by a Taiwan artist.


You’re not kidding. Some are very similar