Ship hits Baltimore MD bridge, causing collapse into river

Well, the Army corps of engineers is on the job, so I guess they know about explosives

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A limited access channel should be established by the end of April.
Main channel by end of May, according to:

Yea, I’m guessing the army corp of engineers probably either got hampered by something, or someone told them what they can’t do.

Because I’m sure they can figure out a way to use explosives to quickly clear it, and without needing a huge amount of technical divers either. But right now, they’re just cutting everything up slowly and lifting them out. Either it can’t be done, or someone said it’s off the table.

Maybe cuz they want still to recover bodies

Maybe because, unlike random commenters, they actually know what they’re doing?


Baltic Gas Pipeline opened again after a Chinese ship attacked it with its anchor last year.

After that there was another series of Chinese Ship attacks on the underwater cables around Taiwan earlier this year, 3 separate times.

There is a pattern of weaponized container ships under Chinese control that needs to be addressed.


Baltimore bridge demolished.



They finally listened to advice from @Taiwan_Luthiers

They’re getting ready to refloat the ship.