Shipping a Kindle out of Taiwan not allowed?

I went to the post office earlier today to ship a box of thingamerries back to my homeland (the UK). Before I could say hello or anything the woman at the counter was yelling at me all animated about foreigners always trying to ship illegal items. She then jumped up, came out of her enclosure and started slapping the dangerous items poster on the wall next to me listing fire arms, barrels of radioactive waste and the like. “Mayo laaa” i replied. I handed her a list I’d made earlier of the contents of my box. A few books, couple of little ornaments, a few exotic hats and a kindle which she aggressively circled on the list in red pen and wrote “NO BATTERY ALLOWED” next to. I thanked her for her help and exited the premises.
I am aware that there are restrictions when it comes to shipping batteries but I’m wondering if anyone here can confirm or deny the accuracy of what I was told today. I was under the impression that the international transportation of technological items containing inbuilt batteries pretty much makes the world go round these days and can’t help thinking I may have been the victim of RACIAL DISCRIMINATION at an INSTITUTIONAL LEVEL - something that I never dreamed could ever happen on this sub tropical utopia. Or am I just another idiot waiguoren who doesn’t understand the basic rules of international freight?


Oh ffs

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I had a similar experience recently at DHL. Dropped by to ask about shipping a small box of gifts to family. The woman act like I was trying to ship drugs or guns or nuclear waste or something.

Her eyes were huge staring at me.

I was quite relaxed.

She was talking in Chinese and saying no masks and no this and no that and pointing at some signs in Chinese and then she printed up a list in English which I posted here.

While it is legal in other countries. Taiwan law PROHIBITS mailing of items with dangerous goods, including items with lithium batteries inside since they can explode. You can’t mail your electronic goods with lithium batteries.

It doesn’t seem to be as big deal in other countries, for example, Canada Post allows shipments of devices with Lithium batteries, provided they’re given extra safe precautions.

She’s right. A lot of foreigners don’t know this law in Taiwan. I’ve done it too. I don’t think she should be snippy about it, but it’s one of those things you don’t find out until you try.


I don’t think you can ship lithium batteries internationally with royal mail either. Or you need to use a special service and fill out a form, so basically they ask you to forget about it.

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I see. Thanks for confirming that Marco. I just found it strange as I’d had the kindle imported into Taiwan from Japan with no problems and obviously the buying and selling of products with inbuilt rechargable lithium batteries being sent by air is very common globally. With Taiwan being a major producer and exporter of such products I am surprised by this policy.
Always found the post offices and public services in general here very friendly and helpful but this woman today was talking to me like I’d just pissed on her hand from the get go ffs


There could be two things at play there. Japan either permits lithium batteries in the mail or these people are actual sellers and have an export licence and used a courier that has an exception granted to them.

Chunghwa post is mail. Lithium batteries can’t be sent through the mail.

DHL is courier.

I also had to go out of my way to find silver-based hand sanitiser, which is twice the price cause I can’t send Ethanol or Isopropanol hand sanitiser because it’s flammable.

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That makes sense. Thanks for your responses