Shipping a road bike within Taiwan (Taipei <-> Taichung)

There’s an older topic on this, but I decided to make a new one since that one is from a decade ago - feel free to merge them together if it makes sense.

Does anyone have experience shipping a bike from Taipei to Taichung?

I’m trying to gauge if it would be a pain to do this occasionally. I usually end up in Taichung a few times a year for long weekends / holidays visiting in-laws and it would be nice to try some of the routes in the area.

I know I can easily do this via a bus or a TRA train, but it’s kind of a no-go for me since I’m traveling with a baby, would be waaay too much to handle.


No excuses.


If your driving, a roof top bike rack maybe cost effective if as your said it will be a few times. There are some decent deals for used ones,

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Without having to box the bike, you could consider talking to scooter shops and see if they are willing to ship the bike for you as if it was a scooter.

Aside from that, I would consider n+1.


+1 on this

By that i mean n+1+1.

Custom build gravel bike, with slick road tyres and Di2.

Go to your local Sanyang or other big-brand scooter repair shop.
I’ve shipped bicycles intra-Taiwan before through them.
They’ll ask you for destination address and then look up nearest service shop around that address for you. Rather cheap.


Hey all,

Many thanks for the follow up - it sounds like a scooter shop or scooter moving company is definitely the best way to go as mentioned above.

Next time I’m down that way for a while I might give it a shot - will follow up on how it works out.

n+1 is also tempting, but it’s quite a slippery slope haha