Shipping a scooter from Kaoshung to taipei?

I am bringing a scooter from Penghu to Taipei and am looking for the best way to send it from Kaoshung to Taipei. I will get to Kaoshung around 8:00 on Sunday night and taking the bus to Taipei as soon as possible, I work in Taipei at 8:00 the next morning.

What is the best way to send my scooter? Train?? Truck?? Will anything be open on a sunday night?

Thanks for any help…

I’m sorry, I can’t really help you here. However, I would assume the train might be the best option because I’ve always seen hordes of scooters on the platform in Hsinchu. Awaiting transportation I awlays assumed, might be wrong of course. Might be idiots parking illegally? :smiling_imp:

Please let us know how this worked out. Your experience might be very valuable to people in a similar predicament in future.

Good luck mate!


I know you can ship them by train. I assume that you can also have the same service probably via truck at or near the bus stations (Feigou, Tonglian and the like), but I have never tried.

If you aren’t worried about it getting banged around, then you can shipped by train. It is probably the cheapest and easiest method. I would call and ask which trains will allow it. Another option would be by truck, there are many shipping companies that will do it for under $800NT. There was a thread about this sometime back, it might help.

I used this company;
to truck my motorbike back from Taidong to Taichung. I suggest trying the train thing first then if that won’t work try this company. I had no problems with them.

Be aware, though, that your bike may not be insured for accidental damage. I didn’t find out the exact details but Taiwanese friends thought it unlikely that trucking companies would have this kind of insurance. The train may be the same.

Thanks for the replies!

does anybody know where the train station is in Kaoshung that I could ship my scooter on? Would I be able to do it on a sunday night? I don’t really care when it gets to taipei, as long as I can drop it off on sunday night?

does anybody know the phone number that I could call to ask about this sort of thing?

That link lists the phone numbers for the stations. Kaohsiung is on there. However, be forewarned that the main station in a city may not be the station that accepts freight (scooters), as is the case in Taipei. The freight station may be on the outskirts of the city, if there is more than one station close by. Kaohsiung is big enough that this may be the case there as well.

Hey I see this post is quite a few years old, I was wondering if anyone had any information about where to ship a scooter on the TRA from Tainan. Is it at the station downtown or somewhere else. Can I just stroll up and send it off, or do I have to like register ahead of time. I only ask because Im planning a cross-country scooter trip starting in taipei and heading down the east coast. By the time I get to Kaohsiung or Tainan, Ill have run out of time. So I want to get my scooter back to taipei some how.Thanks for any information :slight_smile:

Shipping by train is easy and inexpensive. As was mentioned - about 800 NT. Check at the station to see when you must drop the bike. A day or two early as I recall. Not all cities have this service. I know that Wenhua Station for (for Xinbei and Taipei), Kaosuing, and Xinchu have the service. Taidong does not, last time I checked anyway. I would think that Tainan is large enough they would have the service. I doubt your bike would take a beating. They wrap them in cardboard and stand then in the rail car. I would go to the Tainan Train Station and ask.
EDIT: BTW, you would pick up your bike at Wenhua but not at the main Wenhua train station. There is a shipping station across the street.

Most of the truck-based express companies now ship scooters and motorcycles, and do so at least from points of sale near TRA stations, even in small towns. Perhaps from all points of sale. It may be more expensive than TRA freight service, but it’s faster, and there’s no lag… just show up. I shipped a 150cc Yammie, and bungee’d a bag of gear to the seat… no problem. Delivery is to a “participating” m/c or scooter shop nearest your desired destination.