Shipping a scooter within the island

I will be leavivng the island soon, and was going to tranfser my scooter to an acquaintance outside of a reasonable driving distance. I have seen the scooters lined up to ship on the trains, does anyone know how this is done Or does anyone know of companies who ship scooters?


If you are coming from Taipei Main Station, go north on ChengDe Road heading towards Shilin. Past Nanjing Road, there will be a fire station on your right. Across the street on the left will be a row of scooter shippers. If you have gone past Minsheng Road then you have gone too far. They ship bikes and scooters all over Taiwan. Not sure about prices now, but 2 years ago I shipped a bike to Taichung for about $800NT. I’m sure prices have gone up now, try to bargain.

To ship my 125cc scooter it cost me 600 from Chia Yi to Yong Ho. It took 3 days.

Go to any train station except Taipei main (they don’t handle freight. Go to Wan Hua). They will ship a scooter. I’ve shipped my scooter to Yilan and Gaoxiong. Easy to do (and they’ll even put cardboard around it to protect the snazzy paint job). Not very expensive (less then the shippers another poster was mentioning) It’s a simple thing to do. Just go to the freight office with your bike (here in Taoyuan, I can ride it right in), see the guy and tell him where you want it sent. *****You may have a problem if you are not picking it up. They make a carbon copy of the shipping form which they give to you. You are expected to show it when picking it up. Also, they may want ID, in the form of the ownership card or something. It may be difficult for someone other than the shipper/registered owner to pick it up at the other end. It may be better for the buyer to come up, get the ownership transfered and ship it down himself.