Shipping awkward or oversized objects overseas: How?

I have some pieces of art and objects that I need to send home, but they won’t fit in the regular post office shipping boxes . One framed picture is 5 feet tall, and I’d hate to leave it behind. Taking them on the plane won’t be possible, either. What are my options for shipping these things home?

Thanks for any suggestions.

International moving companies will definitely do it for you - even a few pieces - but it may cost $$$.

Can you take the picture out of the frame and transport it rolled-up in a picture tube? … ?

I believe that most airlines take oversized luggage, most likely against a charge.
Or try declaring it as cargo - but prices for long-haul flights are steep.

Thanks for the suggestions. I can’t take them on the plane as I’m taking a long vacation on the way out of here. Rolling up the picture is possible, but the frame is the most beautiful and expensive part. :frowning: Perphaps I can ask in an art store; I guess they may ship things to overseas customers.