Shipping bike to UK

I’m planning on shipping my bike to the UK next week.
Taipei bike works are going to break it down and box it for me at a reasonable cost.

Anybody done it using post office? Hoping I can just walk in and ship from there.

I’ve had complications with post offices here in the past shipping abroad so need to know any pitfalls

Have you checked the price for one extra luggage? Or sending it in one pice along with your suitcase?

Check online as last time I checked a month ago, there was no post to the UK via the post office. If there is, there is no option for surface mail.
A few years ago, I sent my bike back while on a trip to HK as surface mail.

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Oh shit I didn’t think of that!

Yep, likely no post to the UK. Some airlines take sporting equipment “free”, check with your carrier.

For EVA Air, bike counts as one luggage item. But you must call ahead.

I’m flying Singapore airlines, allowed 25kg bike 8.5 so boxed up maybe 10kg. seems I’m gonna have to keep luggage weight down and take bike on plane hoping be ok boxed up in proper bike box and small case allowed?
Won’t be using DHL

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