Shipping Chinese herbal aromatic oil

My friend wants these Chinese herbal oil and asked for me to buy and sent him some. He’s really into Chinese medicine and stuff like that. But when I went to the post today they said I can’t send oil products out of taiwan? I think she said I might have to fill out paper work or something. I was in a rush to a meeting so I wasn’t clear. Anyone know what exactly can I do? Or is it really impossible to ship oil based products?

Just don’t tell them what it is, throw it in a small packet and label it fragrance or something, which isn’t lying

I was mailing an item one day when a nosy guy next to me looked over and saw an item you are not supposed to mail, then ratted me out to the counter guy who told me bu xing. Just went to the next office down the street . Just as long as you don’t mail anything flammable like lithium batteries

I’m guessing they are afraid the oil will spill or could be flammable.