Shipping Chinese medicine back home

I’m looking to ship some Chinese medicine back home to the UK to my parents. These drugs are not prescription drugs and they are not illegal in the UK.
My question is when shipping them do have to declare them, state what they are, pay some kind of fee or can I just send it as a normal package? I just don’t want to get them confiscated.

Well, I did send some of the pain relief stickers back to Poland. My sister is a pharmacist and tells me they generally have higher than legal (back home) % of some medicine, but so far none of my packets were stopped, even I wrote “medicine” on the post office slip. Some post office lady here asked me what medicine, but when I replied it those things she said it’s ok.

I get mine from a Chinese Medicine Clinic… but dunno if that counts.

Generally speaking, Chinese medicine isn’t medicine, so I’d think it’d be exempt from/unaffected by any regulations pertaining to pharmaceuticals.

Some of it might fall foul of regulations against the trade in endangered species though.

well, I think even it’s not “medicine” it can have some substances that might be prohibited in certain country or at least in the dosage that is used. But if you send a small quantity by post it should be fine. try to get ones that have sealed packaging and decent looking labels.