Shipping company to Europe

Apologies if this has been posted before, I couldn’t locate a similar thread.
I’m leaving very soon and need a shipping company to send my thing from Taiwan to Greece. Any one find a decent shipping company that will collect from your house in Taiwan and deliver to your house/docks/whatever in Europe?


Same question here. I need to send some personal items to Italy (books mostly) in two boxes of about 25kg each. Would anyone know what is the cheapest options, considering I do NOT care about the transit time?

Thank you.

Post office, they’ll come to your apartment to collect if you are shipping a lot.

I’m also looking for a consolidated shipping company to Barcelona/Spain. I’ll be shipping around 300-500kg of stuffs (most are office related and some personal belongings). Anyone of you working for a consolidated shipping company or has shipped from Europe to Taiwan or vice versa? The shipping delay is not an issue but the cost is, I thinks the best way is a consolidated shipping (I’m afraid post office is not the best option for the above weight).

Cargocare have office in taipei and Taichung call Michel on 0935920733

Thanks for the tips, I’ll call them to check.