Shipping costs to Canada

Has anyone sent anything large home? I want to send my tv and computer back home to Canada. What are the best options sea, air or… ?

Does anyone know what the approximate cost would be? Thanks

i would pack the computer in your luggage. i brought my pc in my carry on coming here. expect TV’s to be broken in transit, to big a surface area, too little support behind, i wouldnt risk it. TVs are similar/cheaper in Canada anyway. plus shipping will likely be a few hundred CDN even here for something that large.

see here for rates using postal service. big items such as big TVs might be best using private shipping companies. they are the only ones i would even think about using ocean with, but probably wouldnt with a tv.
you will have dimension and weight limits using the post office as well. forgot the dimensions to canada but 30kg max. … al_f_6.jsp

thanks :slight_smile: