Shipping/Freight Company in Taichung?

I’ve come to the end of my run in Taiwan, and need to send my bicycle home.

It will be boxed, and the box will exceed the permissible dimensions as stipulated by the post office (pity, cuz they are the cheapest option).

That means I have to use a shipping service to get the boxed bike home.

Do you know of a reliable, cost-effective and professional company in Taichung? Or any company with affordable rates?



The only one that won’t mess it up is FEDEX…They may be a tad on the expensive side compared to snail mail…but they have a good international system…they have an office on JungChing road.I don’t know the exact address!


Thanks for that.

FEDEX quoted NT$36 000 to ship my bike home. Three times the value of the bike itself.

Guess I’m gonna have to look around some more, since I can’t seem to find a box that matches the post office’s size limitations.

Otherwise, I’ve got a great MB for sale, if anyone’s looking…

No chance you could dismantle the bike to match the post office’s size limitations? Or send some other stuff by mail and take the bike as luggage on your flight, if possible. Other than that, there’s no viable solution I know of (TNT, Fedex, etc. will be too expensive because the bike’s too large and heavy, on the other hand, it isn’t large and heavy enough to be sent by regular sea freight).

Taking the bike with me on the flight is an option, but I have at least 20-25 kgs of clothes, CDs and odds-and-ends that should really come with me (need them when I land in SA).

The bike could be dismantled extensively, and reassembled in SA, but I’ve run short of places to get suitably-sized boxes.

I’ll try the outdoor store again. Put on my best plaintive face and declare a life without the bike wouldn’t be a life worth living. That might encourage them to brainstorm some ideas…

Most airlines allocate passengers to carry on international flights 2 pieces of checked luggage of 32kg each…however, to be on the safe side, stick to 30kg each…and if you are talking about a bicycle…then do as I did when I brought mine to Canada 2 years ago…

1- loosen the handlebars, turn them until they are in-line with the frame. then tighten them again.
2- Remove the air from your tires and keep the caps off.

3-remove the seat or set it to it’s lowest setting and make sure it’s on tight.

4- remove the pedals and secure any mechanical/moving part with “zip ties” AKA “tie wraps”

Many airlines have large clear plasitc bags that you can put your bike in. And then your bike will be handled by the special services people from your airline…free of charge unless it weighs a ton…Every airline’s special services handle anything from bicycles to golf bags and surf boards…


And if I boxed it in it’s original box before getting to the airport? Would the special services still take care of it?

They will handle it. Depending on the weight of your checked and carry-on luggage, they may charge you for excess baggage.
If you get stuck, I know a Cape Town company which has a contact-office in Taipei. I’ll be happy to forward their details to you. :wink: