Shipping luggage / packages to Taiwan?

Is the stuff important?
You could have a relative send it in a few months.
I would only bring stuff that you cannot live without and hold off with the rest.
You could also find it here.

Yeah, leaning more and more towards just bringing as much as fits into my bags and just leaving the rest behind…

Was just hoping there might be an easy way that I have missed…

Don’t forget you get 7KG for carry on. And if you fly with China Airlines, you get 35 KG in the hold.

Yeah, but with two laptops, tablet, two pairs of headphones, and the weight of the bag itself, 7kg fill up in no time!

Only in the „Flex“ booking class - the other one is just 30kg. Still thinking about whether the 150€ price difference is worth it or not.

But I guess I just have to make it work somehow :man_shrugging:

I never seen anyone weight carry ons… just don’t go carrying dumbells and you will be fine.

Do a MARIE KONDO and bring only essentials. Ask someone to post you (as cheapest) other stuff later if necessary as you can always buy what you need along the way/journey.

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If you want to ship luggage from England , Wales , Scotland , Ireland to Taiwan , then you could try SNOWL Post

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