Shipping my bike to Taiwan and Customs Tax

I am having trouble finding some info in past threads. Bits and pieces mostly but the specifics elude me. Maybe someone here can help me out. I have already moved to Taiwan and am having an acquaintance FedEx my bike over. It could be more economical to just buy a bike here, but I like my bike.

From what I gathered, I can be exempt from the customs tax when it comes to personal effects up to 6 months following the date that I arrive. But the rest I’m a bit hazy on. Obviously the bike needs to be declared on the customs form with some sort of value on it. Should I put the value at zero and use something more descriptive to denote that the bike is used, like “used bike” or “personal bike”?

I also read something about submitting a “goods to follow” application/list. Is this some sort of standard form? If so, where do I get it and who does it get submitted to?

Or does it involve somehow proving to customs that I in fact have recently moved here and for them to release the package?

I’m quite unclear on the specifics so if anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it.

I would call Fed Ex, they know the rules, tariff fees and what to write on the forms…


By bike do you mean motorcycle or bicycle? slightly different rules there. For a bicycle (well, two bikes) I declared nothing, it came in as air cargo addressed to me. No duty.

Do not under any circumstances rely on someone like FedEx to inform one about customs. Apart from UPS, they are the most ignoble hacks when it comes to advising.

Personal effects are free and exempt. Ship the bike (I assume it is a bicycle) with an invoice stating same, and put some mid level value, noting that said value is “for customs purposes only”.

I’d get the H.S.#, but that would impinge on my commission.

Thanks for the help all! I received my bicycle. I also spoke with the delivery person and asked about the customs fees and he said anything that is declared under $3000NT generally falls below the radar. So to conclude this thread and to reiterate some of the things previously said, for anyone who is also thinking of shipping via FedEx (which is probably a last resort as it’s not the most economical), the information I provided was:

  • Shipping Reason: Personal Items/Effects
  • Declared as a “Used Bicycle” with a value under $3000NT
  • Put in the HS Number

And that was all she wrote.

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