Shipping small packages - Suggestions?

Any suggestions for a courier type service? I waste a lot of time at the post office and wonder if anyone has a convenient way to do this.
Ideally, I’d like to fill out a form online and have the item picked up.

Post office they have EMS but if going to USA need to fill up form online.
UPS good service but too expensive also have online form.
SF-express you can fill up the form online.

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You can ship small packages by Post Office and drop the package at Convenience stores
However you will need to buy first the shipping bags at the convenience stores , each parcel need to weight no more than 1kg

This video shows how to fill up the shipping form online and print it at the Kiosk

Also SF has pick up and drop package service at Convenience stores


Is this only domestic (inside Taiwan)? Or does this also include International post? Also, does it come with a tracking number?

this service Is only for domestic shipments , the leadtime is 3 to 5 days

For international post , you can use DHL Express Envelope (Paper Contents Only) also FedEx and drop the Envelope at 7-Eleven

For other kind of international post then is better to go directly to the Post Office

The shipping bags (便利包) already have a tracking number and barcode printed on the back , you can purchase them at Post Office or Convenince stores


Is there a website with International shipping rates for small parcels internationally? My wife and I are planning on transplanting our small online crafting business to Taiwan, but it does depend on reasonably priced and decently quick (preferably under 2 weeks internationally) shipping.

I think in this case shipping small parcels with EMS by Post office is a good option

You can check the rates for each Country/Region in the following link

Delivery Standard, Size and Weight Limits for International EMS in the following link

Also keep in mind that right now due to the pandemic there is a limited shipping service and may be subject to delay, particularly to the United States and Melbourne, Australia.

If you usually ship parcels quite often, then you could check with some local freight forwarder companies , since they usually have partnership with other larger air freight companies like DHL , FedEx , UPS as well branch offices in other countries

There are many freight forwarder companies , these are some that you could contact them :

I think the freight forwarder companies will have much better rates than a small business can get. for me, shipping domestically or internationally, I’d like to be to type a form online, weigh it, put the label and have a pickup. the purpose for me is trying to reduce the time that I’m standing in line or writing by hand.

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Thanks, that is exactly the sort of information I was looking for. I will definitely look into the freight forwarding companies.

As for the Covid shipping situation, we are well aware in that about a third of our customers are from the US, and we are in Canada. Even though the two countries are side by side, the shipping situation right now is very bad. In relation to Taiwan, our move is in about 3 years or so, so I definitely hope this is all sorted out by then!