Shipping stuff home

Anyone know of the best way to ship a box back to the UK. About 1mx1mx1m. Needs to be insured, as it will contain a laptop and scanner…


I shipped stuff to the UK with Taiwan Post - reasonable and everything (including a computer and monitor arrived no problems).

I shipped stuff back from the UK with Seven Seas. They are international but I am not sure if they ship out of Taiwan. The more you ship with them the cheaper it is . . . if you are just shipping one box then Taiwan Post is likely as cheap by surface and cheaper and faster if by air. Taiwan Post has maximum weight and size restrictions (as does everyone) not sure on dimensions but a package cannot weigh over 20kg.

Does anyone know about how long it takes for surface shipped stuff to get to the States from here? I heard about three months but I need to make sure.

Thanks in advance.

I received a box from the States by post and it was about 3 weeks but I have also heard that 2 months is more common.