Shipping stuff to Australia


We are making the move back to Australia and are having a hard time finding a suitable way to ship bicycles. Fedex and DHL et al are just too expensive (we have 4 bikes to ship) and the Taiwan EMS service requires bikes to be pulled apart.

Is there any other way to go? Other reliable/ reutable shipping services?

Any help most appreciated.

Tried some moving / shipping companies?

Oh, and take a look at this thread:

If you had more than just 4 bikes I would suggest a 20 foot container. If you make LCL (Less than a container load) shipments at times it adds up to the same as a 20 or 40 foot container. For example, I can ship a 20 foot container just about anywhere in the world for about US$1,000. To HK it is only about US$200. To Bali about US$500 to Germany about US$800. The other fees are more expensive. They include the overland charges to pay for a trucker to move it fromt he port to your door. To get it to the port in Taiwan also costs. Then there ae incidental fees that add up too. What sort of quotes are getting from DHL, Fedex and EMS?