Shipping stuff

So is the post office by sea really the cheapest option for sending stuff to the US? What about things that falls outside of their dimension/weight limit? Is there any other companies that ships by sea other than the expat moving service?

Try calling a freight forwarding company. I believe they work with personal items. I’ve only used them with sea cargo for b2b shipments.

They offer more options if you intend on sending a lot of stuff to the US that is heavy. Before you call you should have a general idea on the estimated weight and number of boxes to get an accurate quotation. But my guess is that it might only be worth it with over 100kgs.




Some freight forwarders do consolidation, meaning they collect shipments to the same destination to put on a pallet, then ship them by sea or air depending. There are basic costs that are the same for both like administration, customs, import duties … so if your total shipment is large ship by sea, if it’s small shipping by air could be better. But always see to it that the packaging is really good and nothing can be broken, getting reimbursement for damages is a pain or non existent without prove of fault.
FedEx or UPS or any courier could have special offers and ship door-to-door.