Shipping Suggestions?

I got a lot a shtuff that I need to send back. Anyone got some info on how to ship things back in the cheapest and most reliable way. Speed is not important… I just want to make sure my 300 cases of binglang make it back to New Jersey so I can bag 'em up and peddle them on the corner.

Hah… herm… ehm… seriously tho… What the best way to ship?


This topic has already been discussed somewhere else.

We use a good forwarder called “T-Joint”

Thanks I’ll look in to them. Would it be a terrible mistake to just ship through the post office?

post office, BAD, shipping company, GOOD. It might takes longer, but it is safter.

I disagree. Send your package through the normal post office and use “registered mail”. It’s fast and reliable and pretty cheap too. I’ve sent SEVERAL packages home that way!

If you are sending a lot of stuff and the package is heavy, registered mail is going to be much, much more expensive.

I have used the post office (sea freight) several times. Cheap and the stuff always makes it to the end destination. However, I normally ship books, cd’s, paintings, clothes etc that way.

However, I would courier the betel nuts, as they usually only last 12 hours.

I wonder what you call “a lot” when you can mail it with the post office!?

I give up… what?

20kg per box, 5-6 boxes once.

That’s a lot for me.

[quote=“Rascal”]I wonder what you call “a lot” when you can mail it with the post office!?[/quote]By Surface, 20Kg to Germany is $1,320NT

It was NT$890 when I sent a lot of stuff over - but that was in 1996.

Still cheap - and the stuff made it to the destination.

Ok, that means “a lot” is relative then. :smiley:

Actually I meant “a lot” like in quantity/volume/weight … :wink:

A lot like moving all your furniture… Ask a freight forwarder, they can help you out.

That’s more “a lot” than a few boxes.

I shipped my whole AV system from Malaysia to Germany, amplifier, 5 speakers + subwoofer, TV, DVD players, rack etc. - 2 wooden palettes (sp?), around 250-300kg in total I guess (25 boxes altogether). Cost was somewhere around USD3000, all handled by a professional shipping company which took care of all the paper work and it was door-to-door.
Luckily my former company had to pay for it, else I would have had to ditch a few of the items … :slight_smile: