Shipping things to the US

Has anyone shipped packages to the US recently and had them get lost or take a lot longer to be received?

Just about everything I send is by registered Airmail and I have a postal receipt with a number that looks like it might be a tracking number. I haven’t asked my local postman yet… I always expect I’ll get better answers here at Segue. :laughing:


Could it be anything to do with extra security at customs in the States ? My letters always used to take two or three days to get to the UK, and then spend up to five days at Mount Pleasant (customs) in London. I never had anything lost on the Taiwan side during 92-7.

No idea about the tracking. I never had trouble with letters and small packages by regular (not registered) airmail and there didn’t seem to any noticeable difference after Sept. 11. They usually took 5-10 days to get to LA addresses from Taipei. I sent really important stuff by DHL or the like. I recently shipped boxes by sea with a private moving company and it took about 8 weeks. We got our boxes just a week before the west coast dock shutdown. Whew!

Thanks! I was having really good results for the last year–six days. I think maybe it’s the holiday season getting things backed up and like Hexuan said, a little more security.