Shipping to China

I want to send a box of books to from Taiwan to China ahead of my arrival. Any suggestions?

I can tell you right now. Don’t ship it. There is 99.9% chance the customs in China will steal them, or they will go missing in the China Post system. Or a postal worker will steal them and sell them. If you think I’m joking I’m now. If you want to know more let me know. I can prove this!.

I used Taiwan Postal Service. The boxes arrived in China after a little more than a week. The job fell through, due to the university’s inability to send the proper documents needed to get a visa; I didn’t realize the documents they initially sent were fakes until I returned to the U.S. and tried to get a visa. Anyways, I’ll be back in Taiwan within a fortnight and the contents of the boxes have been “donated” to a Chinese university. :doh: So much for China and praise the gods for Taiwan.