Shishlik in Gongguan


Many people probably know Sababa and that they had a food stall selling pitas near the northernmost 7-11. It looks like the food stall extension has rebranded to Shishlik and will be selling both pitas and kebabs. They are still using Sababa bags, and when I handed over my loyalty card, the guy gave me a new one and added the number of stamps I had on the old one. I’m guessing it’s still run by or in partnership with Sababa.
The pitas are almost the same. I only had the falafel and thought it was spicer, better really. The kebab menu had a “Coming soon” sign taped over it. Based on the name, I think these will be meat on a stick type of kebabs. I couldn’t see the picture well, but it sort-of looked like that. I just hope the prices are reasonable for what you get. I think their pitas are overpriced but good enough that I buy them anyway. The kebabs look similarly priced, but I don’t know yet how much that buys.
We had a discussion here a while ago about doner kebabs. I would have preferred that, but I’m glad for more variety.


For great falafel, hummus, and pita you should check out Falafel King at the Shida nigh market. Really good. I had falafel at sababa a few times and it was always pretty bad. Falafel king’s food is right on.


Looks good on occasion, but too vegan for me.