ShiZaiTou Mountain in Xindian

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We went on a great little hike today in XinDian, only 15 minutes from my house in YongHe!

ShiZaiTou Mountain in Xindian - you need a scooter to get there - from XinDian MRT go over the BiTan bridge and then turn right then take the next left onto HuaCheng road. Then at the fork in the road take the left side and follow the road all the way up (about 15mins) there are turns (signs in Chinese) but mostly obvious.

You will see where the trail starts when you get there, it’s an easy walk to the first peak and some amazing views of Taipei city. If you want to keep going it’s a bit more difficult - a few vertical stairs with ropes. Very slippy if wet. The view is no better at the second peak, but it’s a good laugh getting up there!

You can then follow the road right round and come out on the road to WuLai, it’s a nice drive through the mountains.

It’ll only take 3-4 hours for the whole trip.

I’ll post some photos later when i get a chance.

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