Shocking Taiwanese T-shirts

I’ve often thought of printing this kind of shirt and selling them in the night markets, just for a laugh. :blush: But, from the gems in this thread, it seems unnecessary.

I saw a young lady yesterday with a shirt that read JUICY AMERICAN STYLE. A couple weeks ago, at the Neili train station, there was a very tough-looking, pissed-off ganstah teen wearing a SNOOB DOGG shirt. :laughing:

My personal favorite has to be the old lady I saw quite a while back wearing a t-shirt that said “Deep Anal Penetration” … :noway:

Friday, right after I left the office and had finished reading this topic I noticed a 18-21 yr old male wearing a nice red Tshirt that in bold letters stated “fuck my dick”

← spraying coffee over monitor. :laughing:

C’mon, really. Where do they go looking for Englishy text to throw on shirts? Pr0n mags? :loco:

Maybe she knew really

Meekest-of-meek-looking Taida students in my class one summer regularly wore a T-shirt with “I love Cock” across. I always felt she ought to know, but I wasn’t going to be the one to tell her.

[quote=“Gilgamesh”]The worst one that I have ever seen was a little kids t-shirt with bears all over it and the words:

“Young boys kept for sexual perversions”

I’ve only seen it once on one of my students. I quickly explained to the Chinese teacher what this meant and they quickly made him change.[/quote]

Yup, my nephew here wore one. He is innocent 8 years old! Mum thought it is funny, but she probably did not fully understand. Taiwanese often read “for” as “resulting from” or “because of”, so I guess she thought it said… he is the result of the sexual… HELL, I do not wanne know more details.

EDIT: no, then the “kept” does not make sense. Um, just forget my explanation, but she surely did not understand

Today on a attractive young lady


The more I think the sicker it is.

How about this one?
(Don’t quite understand what it means though, I am Taiwanese haha. :blush: )

Filter queens?

[quote=“AniSll”]How about this one?
(Don’t quite understand what it means though, I am Taiwanese haha. :blush: )

Filter queens?
Cigarettes, apparently for the female smokers market.

I saw one today that said “Hello Klitty”.

:astonished: :noway: :astonished: :noway: :astonished: :noway: :astonished: :noway: :astonished: :noway: :astonished: :noway: :astonished: :noway: :astonished: :noway: :astonished: :noway: :astonished: :noway: :astonished:

Now that IS shocking. :loco:

:sick: That’s utterly repulsive.

Oops, wait! I didn’t see the ‘l’. Oh, now that I like! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here Klitty klitty klitty klitty… :liar:

Saw one yesterday that wasn’t shocking… but, it still got my attention. A teenage kid was wearing a T-shirt that read: “I Love Freshman Girls”

[quote=“AniSll”]How about this one?
(Don’t quite understand what it means though, I am Taiwanese haha. :blush: )

Filter queens?[/quote]

KOOL Filter Kings (a white-on-green logo) is a brand of menthol cigarettes.

You can see it here: RJ Reynolds. Scroll down to the second brand.

The slogan on the T-shirt is derived from it. Other than that, it’s meaningless.[/url]

A 20ish male was wearing a white T-shirt with a big swastica on the front. That struck me as odd.

Could’ve been a religeous symbol.

No, it was probably a nazi-style swastika - i know a taiwanese guy here who works in a “punk-syle” (completely off topic for a sec -punk is NOT a japanese fashion style! :raspberry: ), sells all sorts of nazi-emblazoned gear, coz it’s “cool style from japan”… he has no idea what the significance of the insignia is. That aside, there are some hilarious shirts here! Brilliant - i’m very tempted to silkscreen a few of those slogans… lol. I have a shirt that says “sex pot revenge” and has a pic of a skeleton dude with a mohawk jerking off (with a box if tissues at hand) whilst watching porn on TV… :smiley: very classy

Teen girl in XiMenDing wearing a shirt with…
"Nike- just do me. Lick me, f*#k me, suck me, 69 me, felch me 'etc all scrawled over it front and back.