Shooting at a Taiwanese church group in Orange County, California, USA (Hate Crime)

It’s been exactly one year since the deadly shooting at the Geneva Presbyterian church in Laguna Woods, California, an incident that sent shockwaves through the Taiwanese American community and which prosecutors have characterized as a hate crime.

Why does it take so long, one year later? Orange County province is so slow, more pain for familes.

He’s been in jail for a year. I don’t see why making the process faster would make the situation any less painful.

Pain in that its not over, will he be released or get death penalty.

It’s how legal systems work. I agree, in general, that the process is slow. But, what’s the alternative?

in USA

and other countries have it

Conviction of hate crimes takes time. I would prefer that the case is solid and successful, rather than fast and eventually dismissed.


Is the accused requesting a speedy trial?

Hire more judges to reduce the backlog (if people can stomach Big Government™).

You radical, you. That’s commie talk :upside_down_face:

I do agree though. especially in countries where governments have wrongly.murdered innocent people. I would rather accurate than fast. Though some cases caught red handed are frustratingly slow.

edit. not that it matters that much, but which is it?

" The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles on May 17, 2022 told CNA that contrary to reports from U.S. officials that Chou was born in China, he was actually born in Taiwan in 1953. The office said that in the past, holders of Taiwan passports with parents from China, often listed “China” as their birthplace on official documents when emigrating to the U.S. and this may have been the case with Chou."