Shop for Rollerblades - K2

I couldn’t bing my rollerblades with me due to my weight restrictions on my luggage and I can’t stand nice summer days without them. Anyone know of a good area or a good shop to get a good pair, preferable K2 rollerblades.

I don’t need them for hockey, but distance and endurance would be good. I don’t want the cheap Carrefour brands, but real ones from a good sports shop.

Shoe sizes suck over here as well… if I can find rollerblades, will I be able to get 11-12 (Canadian) sizes?

Monoclub, on Aiguo Rd., right across CKS has rollerblades. Mostly for hockey, though.

There’s also a place across from… Jiantan MRT, I think. Haven’t been in there though.

There are two stores that have good quality blades across from the roller Park that is located just south of the Banciao Train Station. Just find the Park and look across the street.

Roosevelt Rd in the first block south of the Keelung Rd intersection has K2. They have some distance ones (I think. They’re the ones with more wheels, right?)