Shop recommendations for buying road bike shoes

Hi guys I am new this forum. I’m currently at hsinchu for work and will be heading to Taipei next week before I’m flying back to Singapore. I’m am looking at giro, shimano ,specialized or bont to replace my old shimano shoe. I will be staying near ximending And was hoping that u guys could recommend me some shops that sells those shoes around ximending. :smiley:

There’s a specialized store on baoshan rd in hsinchu that obviously cover spesh stuff, and there’s DE cycles just of gong dao rd, who stock shimano and other italian bits and bobs.
As for Taipei others will know better than me, but I bought my mavic zxellium in a regualr old giant store, decent discount too.

You’re goign to have to do a little traveling out of Xi Men Ding if you want to buy some bike stuff. Here are recommendations for English speaking stores.

Alan’s bike shop down near Gong Guan MRT, I hear is pretty great, you can give them a call and ask if they have your size and/or model. The owner’s wife speaks English.

Nanjing Giant near Nanjing Fuxing MRT, where ShutUpLegs got an awesome deal on his Mavics, most of the staff speaks very good English and they’ll have your Shimano shoes.

Boutique de Velo, this store will have a wide range of SIDI, Giro, and I think Bont for you to choose from. However, it’s a little far from you. Staff will understand your English, may not speak it well.

Good luck!

Thank you shutuplegs and ranlee for the suggestion and the links you guys have given me. Appreciate it. I will be going to the bike shop in baoshan tonight to Check out some specialized shoes. :discodance:

Can any of you guys direct me towards an independent bike shop in Ktown, Taichung or Taipei where I might find a selection of wide shoes? I’m looking at Sidi, Northwave, or Bont. My 15 year old Specializeds disintegrated over the last couple of weeks and the 3 shops I’ve been to here in the boonies only have skinny shoes and I don’t want to hassle them with ordering in if I don’t like 'em.

I have wide[r] feet and know how you feel.

Try YoYo, I myself was looking at a pair of Sworks shoes and couldn’t get myself to fit into them because they weren’t wide enough. Lo and behold, a few weeks later he brings in some wide Specialized shoes, but I had already bought a pair of Fizik R1s. Nonetheless, this was about 5 months ago.

Have you tried Lake shoes? My friend runs a shop in Taichung, Velostudio , that carries them.

Excellent, thanks. I’ll do some searching. I have a pair of Lake shoes that I used to be able to wear but, my feet must have fattened or flattened out. I’ll do some online research and give your buddy’s shop a look-see.

Just to add to for anyone else with hobbit feet searching for shoes.

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I dumped my allowance on Lake MX176 Wides and have to say after my first ride with them today, with some small adjustments a couple of times mid ride, they are exactly what my fat hobbit feet needed. Highly recommend them.

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I’ve been thinking about picking up a pair of Lake shoes, but damn…that price on the 402s.

Ya, price and uncertainty is why I chose the 176s. Now that I know I can get a comfortable fit I’ll make the jump on a pair of leather. I can see where leather would be an excellent upgrade for these.

P.S. I just went over the the Lake website and saw they have most of their shoes on sale.

Not sure if this is the right forum - any suggestions where I can try on (prior to purchasing) size 12/12.5 cycling shoes in Taipei? Shops I’ve spoken to can order these sizes, but them I’m committed to purchasing them - with all the associated risks of the shoes not being the right fit…

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These guys, maybe. I ordered online and they seemed to be really good about returns if I didn’t fit/like the shoes I bought from them. If you have access to them in Taipei, I’m sure they’d have your size. I ordered size 12.5 Lake mx176’s for reference.

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I would also try 191 in Taipei. They usually have a big selection of shoes in stock.

Your sizing is a bit on the larger size, but not big to the point where shops can’t order it from distributors for you. I have heard of requests for US size 16…which is unheard of :laughing:

Do not buy based on the availability of the size! It also has to fit your feet!

106 Clubhouse down in Shenkeng will have some TIME and FLR shoes available. You can give them a message on their FB to check before going.

Another shop is Rapha, they usually stock a wide variety of sizes.