Shopping Mall with Identity Crisis

Far Eastern Mall, 遠企中心辦公大樓, on Dunhua South connected to Shangri-la Hotel.

The name on the signs is “The Mall”. That worked before Taipei had a few malls, but it doesn’t work now.

The name on the building is “Taipei Metro” which also worked before Taipei had a metro, but it doesn’t work now. It’s not connected to or beside a Metro which is at least a five minute walk away.

They really need to update the whole identity.

Why do I care? Because I’m in the area allot and wish they would update identity and get more modern shops and stores and restaurants

Give 1999 a call, they’ll take care of it.

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Didn’t even know about this mall…

Those who didn’t know about this mall probably cant afford to shop there anyways …(like me)

Their top-floor dinner buffet is actually pretty good, and not terribly expensive.

“Taipei Metro The Mall” is its name. Yes, it’s not very good.

I remember when it opened. It was the first mall in the city that I’m aware of, so its opening was a big event. It was heavily advertised on TV. I remember going there and being underwhelmed.

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You can add Core Pacific City, aka the Living Mall, aka Jinghua Cheng to the list of confused shopping mall nomenclature.

Anyway, I just call it the Death Star and everyone knows exactly what mall I’m talking about.


These guys can be “The Mall” in the same way that The Band could be “The Band.”

For those who care about such things, there’s a very good and well-stocked MUJI in the lower level.

And for those who have heaps of cash kicking around, check out the floors above.