Shops open during CNY and today

I want to buy some stuff today and during CNY. Does anyone know if Carrefour and IKEA close these days?

BTW, you Americans don’t know how to pronounce IKEA. So annoying!

You don’t need to thank me!

Ok, so different IKEA shops close at different times. Dunno if there’s anything open tomorrow

Anyone know if the Jianguo Flower Market is open this weekend (Feb. 17/18)? Usually it’s open on the weekend, but I’m not sure if things are different with the Chinese New Year week.

Would the Guanghua Digital Plaza be open today/tomorrow?

If I’m reading this correctly (big if!), Guanghua is closed, and will re-open on the 20th:

Source: 2/15(四)~2/19(一)春節休館五日 - 光華商場網路商城


Semi-answering my own question: I think this website tells me, no, Jianguo Flower market is not open until the 24th, but I’m having trouble understanding the site.