Short hair fad

I’ve noticed many women are starting to cut their hair super short. My girlfriend wants to cut hers like this too and every girl in her family has already done it.

But I don’t like short hair very much. I even shaved my beard in exchange to keep her hair longer but I think the social pressure is mounting.

Anyone else notice this phenomenon?

Taiwanese women, short hair? Never gonna happen

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It’s her hair, her choice.
It’ll grow back if she doesn’t like it. If she does like it, big whoop. You’re not just with her for the long flowing locks, right?


Obviously but she always complains about my beard so isn’t it fair that if I shave, she should keep her hair? It’s also my hair right?

Anyway, I’m more interested to see if this super short hair thing is a fad or just a coincidence

And what other foreigners think about it

A couple of the ladies in one of my classes got this one.


Isn’t that for the ladies who appreciate other ladies?

Because of the weather?



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:thinking: changes everything I know about everything

I lived in Arizona which is like 30,000x hotter and short hair was still rare

It’s hotter than ever…add humidity…
there is your logical answer

long hair will come back in Winter

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It’s her hair, her body. You don’t really have a right to tell her how to style her hair.

Even if she decided to shave her head bald, you would really have no right to tell her she can’t do that.

Just love her as she is.


Trust me I do,

But she demands that I shave my beard so this is more about that

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Dry heat. Also girls here tend to wear clothing of warmer material in the warmer months.


I have seen that. Who tf wears hoodies in 100f degree heat??!!

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:person_shrugging: Why do you care what “other foreigners” think about your girlfriends hair?

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My facial hair isn’t mine?

The dad not my girlfriends hair. Others don’t know what my girlfriend looks like obviously

cutting hair short = no longer wish to attract men.
question is, which one(s)?


:thinking: you think it’s that simple?