Short hair fad

A bit of double standard going on here. I think short hair looks “hideous”

No one said anything about not loving my girlfriend if she has short hair either

This is only true for stubble or super short beards. When they grow out to at least medium length, they’re soft

Not liking fat isn’t a gender thing. Most men also don’t like fat chicks for the same reason

This is getting extreme!



I have mine ultra short and love it.
There’s no way I’d want a bowl cut or a prom queen curled do or even worse - highlights that look that they were done with a toilet brush in one big swipe.
The drawback is that to keep it looking good, you need frequent trims every 4-5 weeks. It’s a trendy salon so not cheap.

BIBA Salon Taiwan
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I dunno, shirt hair looks ok to me.

I think this length is ok



I like it

Me too. Alas, you need the necessary bone structure to make it work. Otherwise…

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Bit of filtering going on, eyes made to look bigger etc.

A talking egg?

How is such a sexist topic allowed? Fucking with women’s uterus isn’t enough, you have to control their hair?



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Personally, I’m not that long…


Edit: I realized you are probably just trolling

Girls SAY they don’t like beards here and many women try to tell me to shave it not even just my girlfriend just random women. Is that not by your same logic sexist? Clearly it’s not, it’s just people having a preference (though random women telling me this is pretty annoying/rude which is not even remotely what’s happening here)

A couple of guys got it too (first scene slightly :nsfw::slight_smile:


Some really terrible haircuts for both boys and girls here you are 100% right.

That’s why I’m so picky about choosing a barber

I’m not.

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