Short-Term ADSL from Chunghwa

For those who have been rudely denied ADSL service without a guarantor by our buddies at Chunghwa, here’s a flash:

I made yet another trip to the friendly offices of Chunghwa the other day, this time in Hsinchuang, and they told me that each office has its own policies (!), so that in Hsinchuang, at least, it would be no problem at all to give me ADSL service without a guarantor. The “discounted” plan required a 2-year commitment.

However, it is also possible to get ADSL for a 6-month minimum, (no fixed IP address) unlimited usage for $998 per month (including the ADSL fee and the line fee). You have to be a student to get this particular deal. Why they feel students are better credit risks than ordinary garden variety foreigners in Taipei I do not know, but if you want ADSL and you qualify as a student, sign up before they change their minds (as they have been known to do in the past.)

This is interesting, each Chunghwa office has their own policies eh? What a friggin joke… The policies that differ between the branches are only due to how the person helping you feels that day.

As for studends being safer what a bunch of shit. I think it’s time we all ban together and protest against Chunghwa Telecom!

I was refused ADSL on Ren’ai and welcomed with open arms at the Song Ren Lu branch. Two years, preferential contract, installed in 3 days.

And yet Ren’ai (probably the worst of all the branches in my experience; the one near the World Trade Center is merely incompetent, not hostile!) told me during my marathon 3.5 hour interview up the food chain, that this was “company policy”.

You know when you know darn well they’re lying to you but there’s nothing you can do about it…??

Anyway will probably get student ADSL hooked up in the fall. The only advantage of the student package is that it is for less than 2 years. I pointed out to the gentleman in question in the Hsinchuang office that I would have been delighted to have 2 years of ADSL but that THEIR COMPANY had dragged their feet so long that that was now impossible for me…(ie., FIX THIS!)