Short-term rental (2-6 months)

I have a short-term rental situation similar to a previous thread. I will be arriving on a three month visa. Whether I stay for just three months or do a visa run and stay for six months or more is unknown at this point. I don’t want to to do an airbnb or hotel any longer than I have to. I would like an apartment for around 20-25,00o. I’m not looking for a “serviced” apartment but I would like it to be minimally furnished at least. No sense buying furniture when the future is unclear.

My questions:

• Are furnished apartments generally available?

• If a take my first two weeks of these three months just to look around and get a feel for things, is it realistic to think I could find a rental for ~2.5 months? Ideally it would have an option to extend with adequate notice given to landlord. I work from my computer, and if I’m not liking Taipei I will bail; otherwise I will extend.

• I am fine with deposits on an apartment. Generally, are there ever any major issues in getting these returned?

• As a freelancer it’s not simple to provide information on an employer; would proof of adequate bank funds suffice?

• Are there rental agents that I could utilize when I arrive?
(If anyone wants to make some extra money I would make it worth your while to help me navigate rent.591 as presently my Chinese is zilch and there doesn’t seem to be an English version of the site. I know I’d rather pay a surcharge for assistance in navigating the system and communicating with landlords. I’d rather not rely on waiting to meet new friends to help. PM me if you are interested.)