Short-term rental

Hello all, I’m a corporate trainer who is working at client sites in the central area (e.g., Taipei 101). I am having trouble finding a long-term place so am looking for a short-term one that is preferably not a hostel.

Hostels are not at the top of my list due to all the luggage and other requirements: a kitchen and desk along with a bed and bathroom. So, I would like my own apartment or a share.

I need to be easy access to the central area.

The only short-term apartments I’ve found are minimum 50K. I am using airbnb right now but have to move out of my current place by this Saturday. Most of the places on airbnb are pretty dodgy or way overpriced here for some reason; I’ve used it successfully in 5 other countries.

Any suggestions? The clock is ticking for me.


In my experience, go to any landlord directly, say you like the apartment (1 year contract) and state that you’re a professional who will only be in Taiwan for X months, then offer a higher monthly rental price (the extra amount to be proportional to the base rental of the unit, obviously). If you can show that you’re stable and put down enough deposit (it should still not exceed 2 months’ rent) many will agree. The argument you use is that the extra money is for their time and trouble in finding another tenant before the end of the year. If that extra adds up to a significant amount of money, and the apartment isn’t terribly hard to rent in the first place, sometimes they will cooperate.

For short-term shares, the usual places: here, Tealit, university bulletin boards, language center offices, etc.