Short Term Rental

I’m moving to Taiwan to study at the NTNU MTC for three months, of the apartments I’ve looked at none seem to be available for such short term (3 months) leases. Where are some places/resources for short term leases around NTNU?

One Idea:
Search for rentals (出租)
At Location drop-down menu (縣市鄉鎮) choose Taipei City (台北市) then Da’an District (大安區)
Left-side filters choose Short-Term Lease (可短期租賃)

I tried this but the minimum rental period for all of the sublets are either 1 year or six months, which doesn’t work since I’ll only be in Taiwan for three months

You could also stay in a hostel. There are some places that are very affordable, if it’s only three months. If you have some more budget you could also use the expat short term rental. I am sure if you google it you can find some places like that.