Short term rentals (6mo or less)

Just wondering if anybody’s had success with finding/negotiating short-term rentals? I’ve got no real issue with a 12mo lease but would prefer 6 or even month-to-month in case a job opportunity comes up and I want to move without the hassle of breaking a contract and losing some money in the process, if the landlord wasn’t an empathetic one.


6 month: find a place you like and try to negotiate. You’ll probably have a better shot if it’s in a higher price range.

Month-to-month: you can find some of these on 591. They’ll usually put something in the title about it. Also, serviced apartments are an option. Some of them will rent to you for 1 month at a time although in my experience they will “encourage” you to sign a longer term lease eventually.

Otherwise, if you don’t really have an issue with a 12 month lease other than you want flexibility, sign a 12 month lease that you’re willing to terminate early. Every lease I’ve signed here allows for early termination if you give 1 month notice and pay a penalty of 1 month’s rent. Not ideal but not the worst thing either.

How’s your Chinese?

Not as good as I’d like, but good enough to negotiate. Most of the business done through Line anyways - easy to avoid confusion.

Click this when browsing 591 for houses that explicitly allow short term rentals.

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Cheers. Had missed the short-term check box on 591 before.

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Ha, just replied re: that function to the other poster, cheers. Yeah, it’s 95% “economy” accommodations (esp in Kaohsiung, a city that still hasn’t quite figured out what interior design is), but there’s a few in there in my price range of 20-30k worth a look.

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