Short wave radio?

this may be a scatterbrained idea, but does anyone know where to buy a shortwave radio in taiwan? american football season is upon us and having the ability to listen in would be great. the internet now charges to listen to games? any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think you can get a “Sangean” shortwave radio at some major consumer electronics stores like the one here:

[]( Chinese)

Long ago I tried to get US sports via shortwave but the reception was lousy. You are better off paying a few bucks and listening on the internet.

I had a Sangean shortwave radio for years and had no problem
using it in Taipei. I am looking for another one and saw some on
HanKow Street neat Chungking S. Road (left side of street if heading
toward the Hilton Hotel area) in an electronics shop about a year ago.

I would definitely buy another one - Sangean- as they were better
than the Grundig and Sony ones that I had in the past. My problem
is that when I find a good thing I often share it with family members.
So, each of the shortwaves of the past has a good home, at least,
and my family have become a little more conscious of the world
outside the States.

Also, some bigger tape recorders have shortwave functions, but the
separate Sangean unit functions much much better. Also, ask if they
still include a booklet that lets you know the location of BBC, etc. It
was part of the package before.

When I was studying abroad in Japan I bought a Sony shortwave radio from Akihabara to listen to English news broadcasts (this was in 1994).

The reception was terrible, and I thought it was a waste of money. Most of the broadcasts were aimed at India and other less developed countries.

With the internet, why would you want a short wave radio? I listen to NPR every night. Crystal clear.

Haven’t run across American football games on Shortwave.
I anyone knows the frequencies… please post.

There are a lot of electronic stores selling shortwave radios around the south-east corner of Chung Hsiao W. Road and Chung Hwa S. Rd.

I got a Sangean, the most basic model, about a year ago for NT$1000.

where can u go on the internet for american sports feed?

free or pay? has the monopoly on internet broadcasts of pro games. They charge a fee, but have a 7 day free trial.

I listen to college football on yahoo sports. Some are pay, some are free.


if i recall correctly, i read somewhere on here that you are from st.louis. i have found that ram games are still broadcast free over the internet. PM if you want the details. they play the bears tomorrow.