Should an employer care about their employees personal financial well-being?

I did. What logical nonsense? Not sure why you can’t just say what you’re getting at.

Does anyone get what @Liam_Og is getting at?


I said what I said

What is this “getting at” nonsense.

I read what you said. I told you I don’t understand. Why can’t you explain and why the extra attitude when I’m just asking you to explain in more detail.


Well you said you were worried that you paid your employees 11 pounds and they used the 11 pounds to buy four thousand pound designer bags

And the you said I was illogical

And ‘getting at’ something.

I’m out

Did they say how you were giving them anxiety? You might be shocked, but that’s what they feel, to the extent they wanted a meeting with the boss. One of the things we discuss with managers at my work is how are you perceived, how do you want to be perceived, and what (if anything) you want to do about it.

(As an aside, reading your post here, just in isolation with essentially no context, it seems like you feel like they have a job that essentially anyone can do, and they don’t bring any special value. And you feel you’re a benevolent boss that pays above average and tries to lift them. If that’s how it comes across to them the same way, that wouldn’t be a super awesome environment to work in.).

Good. You’re not making sense. :wink:


Read up. He said he pays 11 pounds an hour and is worried by the way the employees buy four thousand pound designers bags

Everyone’s read it. It’s like you don’t understand people spend beyond their means.


So if I pay crap money I should worry about my employees taking holidays in Hawaii.

Makes sense.

In what way?

With the anxiety. Some of it was my fault like not giving them more structure. It’s one of my challenges to teach them some skills they can use like Microsoft as I mentioned. Some days, I’m not able to spend that extra time to teach them and help in that way. They felt uncertain about their roles and what they need to do day to do. Some of its on me but it’s part of working for a small new company.

The idea is, I want to get them out of just being able to manual labor. Packing boxes. A min wage job. It’s definitely taking some work to do.

Some of it was to me, nonsense. Like messaging behind their backs or talking about them behind their back. I had to reiterate I’m not talking shit behind their back like HS, but yes. Sometimes I do have to talk about them as my employee on their performance for example.


I’m one of them and Andrew you just lost me.

You sound like you are suffering from status anxiety. It’s a real thing.

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You know what. It’s my first time employing people. I’ve admitted I’ve struggled with this part of business.

Not sure why you seem to be taking things very strangely.


I’ve never employed anyone but if I did I wouldn’t worry about wether they used the two p I paid them to buy a death star😁

Ok, you said they have a min wage job mostly to pack. Why are you teaching packers to use office, and do they know why they’re teaching them? Sounds like people don’t understand the expectations you have of them - that’s all you, even if it’s a new small company, as it’s your new small company, and they’re packers, not professionals helping you lay out strategy or otherwise driving the business where unspecifced tasking might be expected.

Do you have a growth path for them? Or is this a unspecified ask for them, that they didn’t sign up for, that you haven’t explained to them? That would certainly lead to uncertainty about their roles and expectations.

It’s a GOOD thing they’re coming to you btw. Shows some trust.

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The Taiwanese elite are often paternalistic in business from the top down to the cleaning staff. I like this a lot and wish the West still had such concerns for their staff at all levels. A little bit of noblesse oblige is a good thing. Brings us back to the days of feudalism before the Whig arrivistes ruined everything. :laughing: That being said, these days I think minimum wage staff in Europe may find such coaching and mentorship to be patronizing in nature. You can lead a horse to water but can’t force it to drink and this is especially true with the lumpenproletariat/below stairs types. :laughing:

You are paying a living wage and are advising self improvement. Continue with this but subtly. But don’t think your stoicism and restraint will impact or reform their pleasure loving materialism.


This may not be important, but how many employees and what age range?

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I’ve talked to them about growing into the business into other roles besides packing when hiring and they seemed keen and accepted the offer. But it seems in underestimated how difficult it would be to teach business admin skills to someone who has never been in that environment educationally or professionally.

And I also perhaps everyone likes the idea of taking on more responsibility but many don’t actually like the work that it takes. I guess it possible they would just prefer an easy job where they get paid well and clock in and out. When you work in a competitive field, you sometimes forget not everyone is trying to get ahead in professionally life in that way.

You’ve certainly added some perspective to my thoughts. I just wanted them to do well and give them opportunities they probably would not found anywhere else. But perhaps I need to be realistic with how that can actually happen.

We have two, one is early 20s and the other is late 20s.

It’s one thing I asked them to do more. Communicate. It was hard for them to speak their minds on stuff so I’ve asked them to be more open. Even if it’s just an email to me.

Or focus the time / effort on those who want to do it.

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