Should foreign troops be sent to Taiwan?

Canada will send troops in at a moments notice when the U.S. tells them to.

So will Australia, Japan and the UK and possibly NATO

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Absolutely. I didn’t think of that originally but it’s a good idea.

Only two standouts there according to @Mataiou who bothered to do more research than many… only Canada and the U.S. don’t allow easy resumption.


They didn’t for the 2nd gulf war, so your assumption is based on an ignorance of historical fact.

These places have more of a vested interest in containing China, obviously

If a NATO member state is attacked, Canada will have a legal obligation to participate. For example, if China begins with a surprise attack on US forces in the Pacific (war games suggest this is important for Chinese victory).

However, if the US chooses to get involved, as they did in Iraq, Canada can choose to sit it out. As they did in Iraq.

If there is a national debate about whether to send our dilapidated and understaffed navy across the world to defend Taiwan (big if, frankly), the citizenship double standard is one thing that makes me think it is undeserved

Your country likes to send it’s young people to be fodder for military campaigns. But have no fear they won’t be calling you up for service.

How’s that hoax about deaths in your country going. Was all the rage to go and burn churches for something that never happened. All those involved in this hoax should have their citizenship cancelled.


Haven’t had a draft since WW2, there’s that inconvenient historical fact again

How about you go to the thread where that is on topic if you want to know what I think?

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That’s a myth. Canada was heavily involved. As are they any US military campaign

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So you only confirm what I wrote lol

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I don’t have a problem with sanctions on China in the event of an invasion, or with materiel support to allies defending it. But no soldiers, or ships

I was never worried about myself. Not everything has to be about MEMEMEMEME.

What a collosal bore I would be if most of my posts were just about myself


That’s a ridiculous claim… for all Taiwan’s crying about they don’t do things to us… Taiwanese are not allowed visa free trips to everywhere :sob: and the crying about Taiwan would not allow anything if not the other country does it first… and then when for an example a Taiwanese is allowed to get Swedish citizenship after living there without giving up the Taiwan passport, but a Swedish is not allowed to get a Taiwanese passport without giving up the Swedish one…

I like Taiwan and most times feel proud when talking to others about Taiwan’s achievements, but when this topic comes up I’m so embarrassed to live in such a backwater country….

…blaming the other country for not allowing to get back the passport… omg… embarrassing…


Well then. Here’s a solution. Petition that your government does the same towards Taiwanese.

Taiwan allows resumption of citizenship. As do most countries according to @Mataiou.

I actually met a Japanese guy who was complaining about having to lose his citizenship… little did he know he actually wouldn’t lose it as Japan doesn’t allow you to lose your nationality as they don’t recognize Taiwan.

(Who do we blame? Taiwan? Or the person who couldn’t do his own research and realize that 1. Japan doesn’t allow dual nationality and 2. Taiwan is an exemption to their law as they don’t recognize Taiwan…)


Awesome! Instead of trying to fix the problem, we create another problem, double trouble equals each other out… or?


Yes, most countries does, but what does that have to do anything with the first problem?

That’s is a workaround, not a solution…


No they have lots of money already. Probably should stop the renunciation requirement although I went through it all myself. Probably should keep national service requirement for all new nationals. Taiwan does not need that money they need more children.

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No one is asking you to though. Choices choices.


Exactly, as it is impossible to actually only like part of a country one lives in. It’s like those old movies where either you are 100% with us or you are 100% against us. If you are not a 100% fanboy of Taiwan then you have to leave, as it’s impossible to like only 90% and enjoy the life here. :man_facepalming:


Fix what problem? The renunciation rule applies to all us mere mortals no exceptions given. As for what YOUR country does that has nothing to do with Taiwan. Now some people are allowed dual citizenship because they cannot renounce… great for them. Maybe you could get YOUR country to do the same.

Taiwan does not need to change its laws for some foreigner who comes from a country that does not even recognize Taiwan in the first place. Dual citizenship isn’t a right. If you really wanted to live here and have citizenship you would do so but you choose not to. Don’t blame Taiwan for your choice to not become a citizen here. That’s on you.


I’m thinking about applying for a few jobs in China, would be less hours and more pay for similar job. Plus a huge food upgrade

Because yeah, no place is perfect.

Taiwan’s future huge trouble is lack of children/young adults, look at the population distribution and you can see what is coming…. What can Taiwan do to fix it? Increasing immigration is one logical path….

And again, let’s not talk about Taiwan, let’s talk about what other countries are doing :person_facepalming: Taiwan is 100% correct all the time, everybody loves every single dish of Taiwanese cuisine… Any chef making it is 100% spot on for the taste….

Applies to OP, equally, yeah?

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100% agree on this

Taiwan is great, but not all people love every single thing…