Should foreign troops be sent to Taiwan?

Being a leach on international stage by taking advantage of asymmetry in laws is not a good optics.
This is why reciprocity and bilateral agreements are negotiated.

Because impact of this issue on large players is minimal it has no consequence currently.

Israelis have a ban on entry to many Islamic countries. Malaysia for one.

He was a very prominent member. In fact, many older folks would know exactly who I am talking about. But I am not at liberty of mentioning names etc…

Also I think his attitude did change as he matured.

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If there was an invasion, China will certainly sell it as a domestic issue but it’s going to be as believable as Russia calling it a special military operation and not a war. I would probably say it would bring Taiwans statehood into the forefront of many countries like you see for Palestine right now. But even more so because taiwan actually matters to governments in charge where as Palestine is more of a burden.

I don’t get this point. If an invasion happens, sanctions will likely also be carried out and sending troops the last resort.

Is your definition of sending troops like literal troops on the ground? For me it’s also naval and air support. And the US had bases in the region for a reason not to mention regularly patrolling the South China Sea.