Should free advertising be allowed here?

Anyone and everyone can pimp their products on here for no charge at all. It irritates me when I see someone, who has contributed nothing to this community, spam us about their rental property or business as their first post. It’s the internet equivalent of advertising bills posted on telegraph poles.

I suggest making promotional posts paid only, if that is possible with your current tech.

For example?

Bill Posters is innocent :wink:


Well official luthier forum does that. Yearly subscription for the use of classified cost 99 dollars. The end result is only businesses use it because why would I post an ad to sell my 500nt dining table once a year and I have to pay 3000 to use it?

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If I have to name names…

I don’t mind seeing since ads. But I do mind posts with ads hidden, such as what happened recently with the user bestforhome. Mods dis a good job with that, tho.
I don’t think all ads should be paid, but I do think they should all be under the ad subforum

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Sorry, I clarified my post. I’m talking about promotional posts for businesses, they are getting access to a niche market for free…

Roger, Roger.

I think could be fixed by just moving it to Forumosafield, instead of Events

Don’t be irritated. It’s not spam to say, hi guys, I’m selling tacos down daan way, come and try, let me know if you like them. This has always been a free service on this site. Although I think it’s one reason Anthony set up the rival site; he saw the potential to monetize this service.

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Are the people who maintain this site adequately remunerated for their time? Perhaps you should ask them before giving away this revenue stream for free :slight_smile:

Who ask who? You seem to not really understand how this site works…

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if not, who would do.

If you read that post title and couldn’t figure out it was an ad, you got a lot bigger problems than that, bub.

Where did I mention I could not figure out it was an ad? :confused:

Damn. Beat me to it.

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I dunno, wikipedia are always sending me emails whinging about this situation. :wink:

I didn’t mind the user’s posts. What annoying are repeated new threads on the same event just on different dates.


That too!