Should I apply for ROC ID card?

Hello everybody!
I have recently renewed my ROC passport, which I hadn’t done since I left Taiwan years ago. I was able to get the overseas status as well, and my new Taiwan passport shows my ID number. I was issued a regular 10 year passport, with a stamp on page 50 saying I need to obtain permission to leave.

I renewed my passport solely to facilitate travel, and I do not have any plans to relocate to Taiwan as for now. Therefore, I wonder if I should apply for the ID card when I am in Taiwan or not. What would the benefits be? And also, will reestablishing/reactivate my household registration in any way change my overseas status?
I would of course, like to avoid being conscripted to the military, and if establishing household registration would affect that, I’d rather not apply for it.

  • Born in Taiwan
  • Left the country 20+ years ago
  • Recently renewed my ROC passport
  • Obtained overseas residence status
  • Could/Should I apply for ID card?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Will this affect my overseas status?

Thank you!