Should i bother with a visa?

bit of a dilemma. I’ll be in taipei for the summer and i’ll need to work but I’m not sure how many places will offer me an ARC for just a few months. Besides, as a brit, I get a 90 day stamp in my passport.

Despite having done a 7 year stint in Taipei, I’ve never really worked illegally or at least not had an ARC so not having one is new to me.

so, should i bother with a visa-providing job or is it easier doing without for those few months? what do you reckon?

No school will give you an ARC just for the summer. They’ll want you to sign a 1 year contract first before processing an ARC/work permit for you. If you are only gonna be here for the summer don’t bother. By the time you get all the paper work turned in and by the time they get it processed it’ll be half way through the summer. Just come in on your 90 day visa exempt entry and freelance. People will be advertising summer camps and plenty of hours as people like to travel during the summer. Look on facebook for subbing hours.

Just be aware if you get caught teaching without a work permit you will be deported.

C’mon over at have at it! Sounds like a good plan!

And if you could, bring a wireless-type thing with you so you can keep us updated here on as you run through the airport while you’re being arrested and deported back!

All the best!

That’s what I figured, I remember how long the whole process took before and how much running around was involved.

I didn’t know about jobs advertised on facebook though.

Out of interest, are there any official figures for such deportations? I know it’s a risk but I haven’t met anyone who has been deported, yet I’ve met a lot who should be.

just curious

Not sure if it works for the UK but australians can apply for a “working holiday” visa which allows you to work a limited number of hours legally. Being caught teaching would not then be a problem.

Official figures for deportation…? that would make interesting reading :popcorn:

Problem is that those figures will include the larger number of South East Asian workers. It is not was if they would have a special category just for “silly illegal English teacher/pale face/Caucasian or Western Hemisphere passport holders”. :unamused:

YOu could sign a year contract and then get your ARC and then do a runner? Just you will forfeit any bond and of course be paying 20pct tax . Plus not be doing your “record” any favors. But if you pick a dodgy language school in the first place?

thought of that but the 20% tax really does put me off.BeforeIcameto Taiwan I never had a problem with paying tax, but it really pisses me off now.

Dodgyness I can put up with for a summer