Should I buy a Hyundai?

sorry this is an off topic question, but does anyone know when will Hyundai get the genesis sedan and coupe? I called like 3 hyundai dealers and they all don’t know what’s hyundai genesis, and I don’t know what’s it called in Chinese heh

Why wait. Just buy a used Lexus! You’ll save money and have better quality and performance.
BTW, this deserves a separate thread.

Why wait. Just buy a used Lexus! You’ll save money and have better quality and performance.
BTW, this deserves a separate thread.[/quote]

I had a similar reply in mind but considerably ruder.

The Genesis has been on sale in the States, and I test drove one. It drove and felt fine, like a Lexus 4xx series or an Acura RL… but the bodywork was so thin I could flex it with my thumb.

Yeah for all the hoohah and lookalike lexus the thing is, dont forget its like 35,000 bucks american? With that sort of cash, one can buy a decent Audi A4 or other decent cars. Better the low end of an Audi line then the high end of the Hyundai line any day of the week.

A quick search reveals nothing. No doubt they’re focusing on the US market with its lower price for the same performance as other cars.

While reviews on the Genesis are good, that it’s got speed and handles well and is their first commercial car that isn’t a complete pig, fixer-upper or rustbucket, there’s still the issue of it being a Hyundai. They’ve built a bad rap because they’ve built bad crap for so long. There are plenty of Hyundai owners here and you might fit right in unnoticed, but in North America, you’d be hiding your face even if you beat other cars on the track with it.

I forgot to add, and Ironfist probably knew this, the Hyundai Genesis was the car that was blackballed from “Fast & Furious 4”. It was supposed to be featured in the movie, but allegedly another manufacturer paid off/cajoled/blackmailed/threatened the movie’s creators to keep it out (I’ve heard no rumours about which manufacturer). Wouldn’t it be funny to see a Hyundai in F&F4 since it takes place before F&F3, where Han says, “You think I’m gonna let you roll in a Hyundai?”

Speaking of F&F4, I looooooooove that two-tone Subaru 2009 WRX 330 STi (the one O’Conner drives through the tunnel and crashes in the desert)

YUp. No street creed…NONE. NO resale value either. The thing will be worth less then half the sale price within the year !

speaking of used hyundai, they are so cheap, I am kind of thinking about get a 1,2,3 years old used hyundai, and they have pretty long warranty and I think their car got better in the last several years…what do you guys think

Where are you buying it? Taiwan? Do they really offer warranties over one year on Hyundai here?
They are cheap that’s true and as a cheap runaround they can suffice. They can have their issues and usually not one particular type so keep a keen eye out for little niggles such as smaller auxiliaries as well as the important stuff.
Hyundais in Taiwan are often treated as disposable cars and their owners don’t always keep up on the servicing. Personally I’d rather look for a Nissan which will also be cheap after a few years but should be higher quality that a Hyundai.

looking to get one in USA, Hyundai azera seems pretty decent, hard and have yet to test drive one yet in Taiwan, going to test drive few diff Hyundais when I get back to the states

Come on, an ironfist in a Hyundai. That’s like John Wayne on a wooden horse…