Should I buy a plane ticket to Canada for late June?

I have given my landlord and job notice that I will leave (moving back to Canada) late June.
Currently looking for an airplane ticket.
Would it be a bad idea to buy it now?
I think they may close the airport (but I do not know) if we reach stage 4.

If the flight is unable to leave a normal airline will give you a refund.

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We aren’t fortune tellers. Anything can be subject to change without notice.

I personally don’t think an airport shutdown will happen. It would be too damaging to Taiwan’s economy.

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Do any of the levels of lock down include the airport closing?
I wonder if there may be not International flights and what may happen to those who wish to return to their countries.

Yeah level 4 and you’re staying with us for a long time buddy. By the way are you on visa extensions?

I don’t see why, the spread came from pilots not people who have to stick to the proper quarantine ect.

Not to my knowledge, but common sense would imply shutting down the airport would severely damage the economy.

People were already stranded here, from canada as well. Its not that the airport closes its that there are no flights to economically important regions. Note that the postal.service and passenger air flights cloaures are often the same. Canadians couldnt fly back before, postal delivery to.canada. aka, no.planes flying.

Do not see the benefit of buying it now, at the peak of uncertainty. Just wait and see how things develop.

In another thread someone was posting about the increased difficulty of getting the necessary test to get on a plane. I have no idea how big a factor that is, but it’s definitely something to look into.

Won’t leave us many options. Either take a boat or swim.

Be real. Sharks man. Sharks…

By the time everything is certain it might be too late to get out if the chips don’t fall where we all want them to.