Should I mail to TECO signature required and no Saturday delivery?

The good news is that I am getting ready to mail my forms to TECO.
I think I will do fedex because there is customer support if a package gets delayed. Should I mark signature required? Should I mark no Saturday delivery? Normally with important documents I would mark those two things. But no one has ever mentioned to do that. And the TECO website does not say to do that. Can I assume since they are receiving very important documents on a daily basis, I don’t need to check signature required?

When I interacted with TECO Atlanta and LA, many of the staff worked from home and came into the office once a week. Unless you’ve corresponded with the particular staff member and they are expecting your forms on a particular day (and hour), I doubt you need to worry about (or pay for) Saturday delivery.

@JohnTN, you brought up an important point. TECO staff are working remotely. I wonder if marking signature required would slow it down. Did you mark no signature required?

I didn’t ask for a signature, and I mailed it priority which was plenty enough time (staff member wasn’t in office until Friday). I emailed TECO to check if they received it, but heard back well after I received back my approved documents.