Should I migrate from 2000Pro to XP Pro?

I’m relatively happy with windows 2K English. It serves my wife

Well, XP is like a new version of 2000. 2000 is a fine OS [yes yes please no Linux holy war now :smiley: ], so not really necessary to shift.

CD burning? I never used the XP functions for that…

If you have two partitions on your drive, one can have Chinese OS and one English OS (both XP) without a problem.

The same is true for 2000…

You do not HAVE to move from Windows 2000 to XP, but you will get some nice extra features, especially regarding multimedia-related stuff.

I finally migrated last year (kicking and screaming), mostly cos I need to know XP well for my job. I’m starting to appreciate the extra convenience, although I have had a few hardware problems (some of my devices are just NOT Windows XP friendly at all.)

You will soon start to see more and more programs that are specifically written with XP in mind, so you will have to upgrade one of these days I suppose.

You no longer have to do this with Windows XP Pro. Get a copy of the Multilingual User Interface CDs which are bundled with special versions of XP Pro and you can install multiple language shells on the same installation of XP Pro. (The MUI is only bundled with special packages of XP Pro but will install on any installation of XP Pro.)

For example, my box has English, German and Chinese Traditional installed with each account on the system set up for the primary language for that user. When someone logs in, all their menus and such are in their own language. Switching to another language only requires logging out or switching to another account.

For more info see here:

To answer the original question though, there are very few incompatibilities when going from 2k to XP.

t sounds like there is no downside to this upgrade. My equipment is a little over a year old so I don

[quote=“Taiwan_Student”]One big concern I would have is forced DRM., will you still be able to back up DVD