Should i move to taipei?

got this job offer but not really what i want but enough to live comfortably in taiwan . love the culture and people in taiwan…should i or should i not ?



For sure.

What have you got to lose?

No. Absolutely not.

Goddamm, can’t find the puke icon again!

Here’s a fresh one for you:

Only if you have nowhere else to go or don’t have the will to go anywhere else after that. :smiley:

I’ve changed my mind. Stay where you are.


Its not worth it.

Depends on how bad is your “yellow fever”. :discodance:

An important but secret list of things to bring if you decide to come:


DONT unless you WANT to BADLY.

Because you can CHECK IN anytime you like but you can NEVER leave :raspberry:

Stay out, seriously. This town isn’t big enough for the both of us.

but seriously

stay the fuck out


ha ha!