Should I move to Taizhong? … anguage=en

The lady in your advertised link has her domicile in Taichung. Why would you therefore relocate to Taizhong?

The lady is correct. Taichung is boring.

I like Taijhong. Lots of gangsters to engage in stimulating, if forceful conversation.

Why? I don’t understand the joke.

Taichung is not boring at all, I think it’s the best city in Taiwan. What makes TP so much more exciting?

It is less rubbish.

Move? No, no, no… give your charity one weekend at a time…

Take a $260 bus down on a Friday night, spend the weekend helping make Taichung less boring for her, then take the bus back. Or ask her up to Taipei and send her back Sunday night.

I’m sure there are lots of much better reasons for moving to Taichung…

I think it’s just a joke post, since the OP is linking to a LE ad on tealit. :slight_smile:

But if you’re considering making the move - I say go for it. It will rejuvenate your life in Taiwan, especially if you’ve been in Taipei for a while.

We’ll all chip in to cover your costs.